• aquatic exercise class using aquatic exercise equipment

    Beat the Heat with Aquatic Exercise

    Whether you’re looking for a low impact workout or just want to cool off, pool exercises can hit the spot.  Aquatic workouts can also offer something to any fitness level.  Check out these great aquatic exercise options to switch it up this summer (or anytime!) *Bright flowered bathing cap not required* WHAT IS AQUATIC EXERCISE?…

  • woman holding her wrist demonstrating wrist pain with yoga
    Injury Prevention

    Easy Exercise Modifications for Wrist Pain

    Is wrist pain cramping your workout style? Then you’ll want to read this.  The wrist is one of those areas that we don’t fully appreciate until something goes wrong.  Then poof! You’re sidelined with a wrist injury. This small but complex area takes a lot of force during your workouts (and everyday life).  Walk away…

  • woman stretching on a yoga mat following a workout video low impact workouts
    Injury Prevention

    18 Low Impact Workout Options to Keep You Moving

    Are you looking for low impact exercise options? Low impact workouts are highly accessible; whether you’re nursing an injury or your daily motivation has stalled. But don’t confuse low impact for low intensity.  Let’s explore 18 low impact workout options (and injury prevention tips) to cover all your bases! LOW IMPACT WORKOUT VS LOW INTENSITY…

  • girl using a fitness tracker

    Are Fitness Trackers Worth It?

    Wearable tech is becoming extremely popular. It seems like everyone has an activity tracker these days.  You’re probably here because you’re considering taking the plunge into the fitness tracker club. (Welcome!) Are fitness trackers worth it? Or will it just end up in a junk drawer with a bunch of your old cell phones? Not…

  • woman in seated half forward fold using a yoga block

    How to Use Yoga Blocks to Prevent Injury

    After a good quality yoga mat, blocks should be next on your radar to get the most out of your practice. Such a simple piece of foam provides endless options to support, deepen, and add dimension to any practice from beginner to advanced.  Yoga blocks are some of the most versatile props you can add…

  • Female runner stretching with her arms overhead
    Fitness Anatomy

    How To Avoid Shoulder Pain During Exercise

    Shoulder pain during exercise is a common and frustrating experience, and shoulder tendonitis is one of the most common injuries that lead to seeking physical therapy. At first glance, you may be tempted to just “work through the pain,” but in the long run, that approach can lead to more severe problems that take longer…