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    Injury Prevention

    How To Build A Fitness Plan

    Everyone is on the pursuit for that elusive magical fitness hack. That quick fix. That one thing that will transform their lives and then (insert skewed vision of outcome here)! Bad news. There’s no one magical thing. (You should have seen this coming, but keep reading!) When it comes to overall health benefits, there is no…

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    Group Fitness Etiquette & Beginner Tips

    So, you’re bored with the same old treadmill or elliptical workout, plugging away on a mouse wheel to nowhere? You’ve walked past those group fitness classes in action at your gym. Wow, that seems more fun. But I could never do that because (insert excuse here). Group fitness classes are less intimidating than you think.…

  • Fitness Anatomy

    Ditch IT Band Pain For Good

    IT Band pain is a common complaint. Did you know that IT Band stretch that everyone recommends won’t actually help you? There’s a new obsession with stretching and foam rolling the IT band. I have to say, I’m concerned with what I’m hearing. So let’s talk. Today we’re going to clear up the rumors and…

  • Injury Prevention

    How To Stretch Properly & Avoid Injury

    There are an abundance of myths surrounding fitness, and stretching is no exception. Stretching is not a waste of time, yet people often make excuses to get around doing it. If I told you stretching could help you perform a squat or lunge with better form, would you do it? What about have less pain…