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I get it, no one wants more junk in their inbox, but don’t miss out on these great free resources to help you along your fitness journey!

Fitness Anatomy Guide – A crash course in which exercises and stretches go with which muscle group.

10 Yoga Poses for Beginners – An easy to follow guide with 10 common yoga poses + modifications and variations to make you feel comfortable at your first class.

Exercise Modifications Cheat Sheet – Quick and simple hacks to modify any exercise to your level.

Free 5-day Fitness Injury Prevention Challenge – A 5-day email course packed with insider secrets to help you prevent injury while doing what you love.

How To Prepare for Your First Physical Therapy Visit Checklist – A simple checklist for everything you need to know before you go.

Fitness Planning Workbook – Learn the questions no one tells you to ask that can make or break your fitness plan.

Aquatic Workout Ideas Cheat Sheet – A list of mix-and-match pool exercises to create your own full-body workout.

Free 60-minute yoga class plan – A full-length class outline that’s ready to go or easily swap in your favorite poses to suit your teaching style or class level.

Low Impact Exercise Ideas – 18 low impact exercise options with injury prevention tips for each.

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