Empower Your Wellness is written by an exercise loving physical therapist and fitness instructor. This section covers everything fitness with tips and tricks on how to do your best and avoid injury.

  • woman exercises at home with exercise equipment in a small space

    Game-Changing Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces

    Looking to elevate your home fitness game but short on space? Never fear, there’s plenty of space-saving workout equipment options. Confession – I’ve turned into somewhat of a collector of exercise equipment over the years. Although, that shouldn’t be surprising. I can confidently say, I didn’t need everything, contributing to an eclectic fitness inspired donation…

  • aquatic exercise class using aquatic exercise equipment

    Beat the Heat with Aquatic Exercise

    Whether you’re looking for a low impact workout or just want to cool off, pool exercises can hit the spot.  Aquatic workouts can also offer something to all fitness levels.  Check out these great aquatic exercise options to switch it up this summer (or anytime!) *Bright flowered bathing cap not required* WHAT IS AQUATIC EXERCISE?…

  • girl using a fitness tracker

    The Ultimate Guide to Fitness Trackers

    Fitness technology is becoming extremely popular. It seems like everyone has a fitness tracker these days.  You’re probably here because you’re considering taking the plunge into the fitness tracker club. Welcome! But there are so many choices, which one is right for you?  What are the benefits of fitness trackers?  Are they worth it, or…

  • woman doing a home workout

    17 Ideas to Make Home Workouts Less Boring

    As a class person, I always struggle with home workouts. For me, it’s just not the same. I love the energy of the studio and the distraction-free zone so I don’t keep stopping and changing my laundry around. Leaving the house is a major mindset shift and a motivator that now it’s exercise time! Yet…

  • woman standing on a mountain with her arms in the air symbolizing success

    How To Actually Reach Your Fitness Goals

    New year, new you, or so they say. Health and fitness goals are often at the top of everyone’s list. You bought that gym membership or class package. You laced up those new shoes, slapped on a fierce new outfit, nothing was going to stop you. For the boys reading, maybe you got some new…

  • Fitness

    Beginner Friendly Guide to Strength Training Equipment

    Strength training is an essential component of a well-rounded fitness program. Not only does it boast numerous health benefits, but it’s also an integral piece to that highly coveted fit look everyone is after. If you have little to no experience, strength training equipment can be extremely intimidating. No one ever wants to admit they…

  • Beautiful Mixed Race African American Young Woman Girl Teenager Preparing For Fitness Running Jogging On Road Of Autumn Fall Trees

    Fall Fitness Workout Ideas

    The fall season is starting to make an appearance. It can be a struggle to let go of the laid back days of summer, but fall always seems like another fresh start. That feeling is probably an old memory of buying brand new shiny school supplies and gearing up for a new swimming and diving…