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Injury Prevention

Pro secrets that make you say “I wish I knew that sooner!”

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Fitness Basics

Keep it simple with the basics. (We also might bust a few myths.)

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Yoga for Beginners

A welcoming space to learn about yoga and movement.

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Fitness Anatomy

Put a face to a name and improve your mind-body connection.

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Physical Therapy

Explore the best at-home tools, tips, & frequently asked questions.

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Exercise Library

Step-by-step guide for basic exercises, yoga poses, and foam rolling.

Nice to meet you!

Welcome! I’m Maura, the physical therapist, yoga, and fitness instructor behind Empower Your Wellness. I enjoy combining my expertise across disciplines to help you understand injuries to facilitate healthy and pain-free movement. (And have fun in the process.)

Visit the exercise library

Swing by the exercise library for easy step-by-step guides to flexibility exercises, yoga poses, and foam rolling.

Yoga on YouTube

Join me on YouTube for free yoga classes, injury prevention tips, modifications, pose variations, foam rolling tutorials, and more beginner-friendly content.

Free Resources

Explore free resources for injury prevention, exercise modifications, yoga poses, and more.

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