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Clever Yoga Liquid Balance Mat Review

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The Clever Yoga liquid balance mat is a high-quality yoga mat that no one talks about. This mat is insanely grippy and comes in an array of beautiful colors. 

If you’re on the search for the perfect non-slip yoga mat, the Clever Yoga mat should make it into your top tier. 

Keep reading to discover the pros and cons and if this mat is right for you. 

To read about my experience with this mat and several others perfect for sweaty hands, check out this in-depth article

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clever yoga liquid balance mat review
image taken by Maura Blackstone

Dimensions & Cushioning

The standard liquid balance mat is 72.8” long by 26.8” wide and is approximately 4.5 mm thick. 

These dimensions make it slightly longer and wider than the standard yoga mat. While 1-2” may not sound like a lot, having more personal space in a crowded yoga class is a plus and gives you more room to spread out. 

The mat comes in standard and extra long lengths for us tall people. So if you’re over 6 feet tall or just want a little more space, check out the extra long

Your average yoga mat runs between 4 mm and 6mm of cushioning. At 4.5 mm, it’s a little on the thinner side of standard yoga mats; however, this means you can expect your practice surface to be more stable for balance poses and provide a firm base. 

The rubber base is supportive and I didn’t notice that mat being “too thin” while practicing.

You may want to add a blanket or cushion for kneeling poses to provide additional padding to your joints. But, not to worry, this post has you covered for all the ways to pad sensitive knees

For anyone looking for the ultimate knee cushion for a kneeling on a cloud-like experience, I always recommend the Clever Yoga balance pad. I’ve had patients returning to yoga after knee surgery find this the best way to tolerate kneeling.

clever yoga liquid balance mat review
image taken by Maura Blackstone


The liquid balance mat is constructed from an eco-friendly polyurethane upper with a natural rubber base made from non-toxic tree rubber. 

If you have a latex allergy, this might not be the right mat for you.

This mat instantly sucks up water and sweat to keep you firmly planted, making it ideal for sweaty classes or anyone who wants to feel exceptionally stable. It comes in a variety of colors with a soothing mandala design in the center of the mat. 

The liquid balance mat rolls up relatively compactly and isn’t too heavy to carry. It also comes with a carry bag to easily tote to and from your favorite class.

Pros of the Clever Yoga Liquid Balance Mat

  • Sustainably constructed
  • Sports a super grippy surface that provides excellent traction, even in sweaty conditions
  • Useful for multiple styles of yoga practice
  • Comes in standard and extra long lengths
  • Easy to clean

Cons of the Clever Yoga Liquid Balance Mat

  • Doesn’t come in plain styles (without the mandala design)
  • The surface may show scuffs with use, (as with almost any yoga mat that isn’t a Manduka Pro)
  • Can be pricey

If you don’t want a mat with a design, then this one probably isn’t for you. In that case, I recommend checking out the Liforme or the lululemon reversible mat.

With mats of this material, it’s common for the surface to show scuff marks with use. With any mat made of similar materials, I’ve never found that scuffs limit the grip of the mat, it’s just an aesthetic thing. If you were hoping for a mat that always looks brand new, try the Manduka Pro.

Good mats come with a price tag. The Clever Yoga mat is similar in pricing to the Liforme mat, but this can be a little pricey. Keep reading for details on how you can save on the liquid balance mat.

Where to buy the Clever Yoga Liquid Balance mat

The liquid balance mat is available on the Clever yoga website and Amazon.

If you purchase from the Clever Yoga website use code DOYOGA for 10% off.

Other recommended mats

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Wrapping Up

Grippy mats help reduce slipping during poses and can help to prevent injuries. Overall, I found the liquid balance mat to be very high quality.

Don’t miss the Clever yoga liquid balance mat if you like yoga mats with pretty designs. 

Check out my longer article comparing my experience with several other non-slip yoga mats

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