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Creative Fitness Gifts For Christmas (Or Anytime!)

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Every year it seems like it gets harder and harder to shop for people. We seem to have everything in our instant gratification next day prime shipping lives. 

Need a fitness gift for Christmas (or yourself)?

Win any holiday with this guide that’s sure to get your creative gift-giving juices flowing.

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K-deer leggings

If you’ve been to the exercise library or follow the blog on Instagram, you might have noticed my colorful leggings. 

If your fitness lover loves leggings, definitely check out K-Deer

woman on a yoga mat outdoors doing chair pose wearing colorful striped leggings in an article about creative gifts for fitness lovers
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Every time I wear these leggings, I’m bombarded with questions. Not only are they super fun, but they also perform well, no matter what the activity. 

K-Deer was a local company to me when I worked in Westwood, NJ. I’ve built up quite the collection and have been wearing the brand for over six years. 

As a bonus, their signature stripes line donates 5% to various charities that support health & wellness, children’s causes, animal welfare, and environmental issues. Each stripe supports a different cause.

Check out K-Deer to learn more.  

A good quality yoga mat

If you’re into yoga, then you know you can never have enough mats. 

If you’re new (or have a new yogi friend), you may not have taken the plunge to invest in a good quality mat. But let me tell you, they are well worth the price, so put one on your list. 

Think about quality features like padding and traction. Nothing ruins a yoga practice faster than sweaty hands and feet sliding all over (to the point that you can’t focus on anything else.) 

Check out these cult favorite yoga mats that have passed the test:

Currently, I rotate between the Jade Harmony, Manduka Pro, and lululemon reversible. Make sure to check out my full review of the lululemon reversible 5mm mat here.

Fit lifestyle box

What’s more fun than getting a box full of presents throughout the year? Subscriptions boxes are a fun gift that keeps on giving. (Don’t worry, no jelly of the month club here.)

Fit Lifestyle Box has quarterly boxes filled with full-size products, healthy snacks, supplement samples, and workout challenges. 

They also have a one-time box option for the holidays. 

Fit Lifestyle Box is a great chance to support a Veteran owned and operated company. 

Check out Fit Lifestyle Box here. 

Sidekick tool

Workout recovery is just as important. Sidekick has a line of muscle recovery tools, including muscle scraping and vibration therapy. 

What is muscle scraping? It’s a technique based on gua sha, an ancient Chinese therapy to improve circulation and promote healing. 

With the Sidekick tool, you can get some relief at home.

Sidekick has several tools that are easy to use on yourself after those intense workouts. They also provide easy-to-follow videos for each body part so you can be sure you’re using your tool correctly. 

Massage therapy balls

Think of these as a more portable version of a foam roller. Massage therapy balls can be another tool to release those pesky trigger points. 

Bring these along in your gym bag or suitcase and make sure you can work out the knots wherever you are. 

This set of massage balls has everything you need!

Vibration therapy tools

If you’re a fan of those massage chairs at the mall and foam rolling, then you’ll probably love vibration therapy. 

What makes vibration therapy better?

There is some evidence that vibration can decrease pain via the gate control theory, which modulates pain sensations sent back down from the central nervous system based on sensations put in. 

The gate control theory’s most straightforward example is when you rub an injured spot, for example, right after smashing your elbow into a door frame. Ouch.

Romero-Moraleda et al. looked at the short-term effects of pain perception and passive hip ROM after the use of vibration foam rolling to the quads. 

The study found a significant improvement in pain perception and passive range of motion in hip extension following vibration to the quads. 

While this may be more of a temporary fix, it may make foam rolling more tolerable for some and provide some temporary relief. 

And when you’re sore, any relief is welcome.

Check out Sidekick’s vibration therapy tool or the Trigger Point Grid Vibe Plus.

Streaming fitness apps

It’s important to have fitness options on the go no matter what happens? 2020 anyone? 

Check out this line up of popular fitness apps to give you a full-body workout on the go! There’s something for everyone on demand.

Read my full review of Aaptiv here.

man working out looking at his fitness tracker, a decorative image in an article about gifts for fitness lovers.
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Fitness trackers

Fitness trackers are a fun way to measure your intensity during exercise and stay accountable with an active lifestyle. 

These crowd favorites are great options to get started. 

A Bluetooth chest-strap can also sync to some existing watches to increase heart rate accuracy and calorie tracking. 

The Ultimate Guide to Fitness Trackers reviews all the science behind wrist-worn and chest-worn devices so you can decide what’s best for you.  

My favorite chest-worn tracker (and the one I use) is the Polar H10.  

Wireless headphones

I don’t think I realized what a difference wireless headphones would make. 

Although I should have known from all those times of watching my Discman take a fatal tumble. 

Fast forward just a few years, and it’s a very freeing experience to cut the cord. Everyone who’s active needs (several pairs) of wireless headphones!  


TRX is a type of suspension trainer to perform various bodyweight strength exercises, anchoring yourself with straps. You’re in full control of the difficulty level by adjusting the angle of your body. 

Don’t let bodyweight foot you. TRX workouts are no joke. Get a full-body workout while saving on space.

Any fitness level can use TRX by adjusting your body angle to make strength moves easier or harder.  Suspension trainers provide a full-body workout,  including some higher-level options for core strengthening.

Check out other space-saving home exercise equipment here. 

Clever yoga 7 piece starter kit

Know someone getting started with yoga? Hook them up with a starter kit! 

This affordable starter kit has everything a new yogi needs to get going, including a starter mat, blocks, a strap, yoga towels, and a carry bag. 

Plus, it comes in a variety of colors to match your personality. 

Shop the Clever Yoga 7 Piece Yoga Kit

Resistance bands set

Anything you can do with weights, you can do with resistance bands. 

Resistance bands are inexpensive, lightweight, come in graded strengths, and don’t take much space. They can neatly tuck away in the drawer or your suitcase. 

Check out more affordable space-saving home exercise equipment here. 

woman at home doing a workout with resistance bands; a decorative image in an article about gift ideas for fitness lovers
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Space saving cardio equipment

More people than ever are trying to build a functional home workout space. 

Bluefin Fitness has plenty of home gym approved exercise equipment, including rowing machines, treadmills, spin bikes, and ellipticals that won’t break the bank. 

If your fitness lover loves tech gadgets, they even have vibration plates to improve balance and stability while taking your workout up a notch. Vibration plates add a fun twist to the same old exercises. 

A standing desk

Fitness lovers like to be active outside of the gym too! 

An adjustable standing desk allows you to easily transition between sitting and standing throughout the day to decrease those postural muscle aches and pains. 

You can read my full review of the pros and cons of standing desks here – Do You Need A Standing Desk?

Shop standing desks and other accessories to ease work-related aches and pains

Wrapping up

Whether you’re shopping for friends, family, or yourself, this list is full of unique gifts for fitness lovers that’s useful for any gift-giving occasion. 

Let me know which ones you loved! Happy Shopping!

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