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lululemon Reversible Mat Review (5mm)

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A yoga practice is so much more than trendy gear and fancy pants. So this isn’t a post to merely sell you on a pricey yoga mat. 

But I do believe that finding a mat that works for you will enhance your practice and help create an inviting space that you’ll want to return to. 

This is one of those mats. 

Several years ago, I set out on a quest to find a mat that wouldn’t lose its grip under ultra sweaty palms. So I decided to give the lululemon reversible 5mm mat a try. And the rest is history. 

In this yoga mat review, I’ll share the pros and cons of my experience to help you decide if this lululemon yoga mat deserves a spot in your collection.

Please note this post is not sponsored, but I am a member of the lululemon collective and will earn a commission if you make a purchase through the links below (at no additional cost to you). 

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Copyright Maura Blackstone

Pros of the lululemon reversible mat

Here are some of the pros that I’ve found using the lululemon reversible 5mm mat.

Superb grip

The major selling point of this mat for me was the excellent grip, even when wet.

Slipping is not only annoying and completely distracts you from your practice, but it can set you up for injuries. Traction is a very important feature for me.

The mat is made from a polyurethane top layer that absorbs moisture with a natural rubber base. There’s also an anti-microbial additive to help avoid mildew and other funky build-up and it’s easy to clean with just a damp cloth.

I used to do hot yoga and could use this mat without a mat towel just fine. The top layer wicks away sweat with ease. 

Upon close glance, the top layer seems shiny and like it would be slippery if you weren’t sweaty. However, I’ve never had a problem in vinyasa or slower-paced classes, which is primarily what I use the mat for now. 

The reverse side has a soft and squishy rubber feel. Admittedly, I’ve never practiced on this side, so I can’t vouch for the grip.

I prefer to have a designated top side for practice, but the option to pick might be appealing to some. I’d rather leave the “dirty floor” side down (even though I roll the mat, so technically, that doesn’t make sense). 

I haven’t noticed much decline in grip, as some have reported. However, the surface does show some wear and tear, especially where my foot drags stepping through to the top of the mat (which you can see in the picture below). 

close up of wear and tear of the lululemon reversible mat
image taken by Maura Blackstone

Larger space

The dimensions of the mat are 26” x 71” (60cm x 180cm). This is a thicker mat at 5mm.  

This is slightly longer and wider than the average sticky mat size and is great for taller people or if you just want a few extra inches of personal space in a crowded class. 

They also make an even bigger version of this yoga mat – the reversible big mat, which is 84″ x 28″.

The 5mm thickness provides great cushioning and support for your joints. As a side note, balance poses may be a bit more challenging on thicker mats.


Overall, the lululemon reversible mat is a pretty durable mat and can handle a strenuous yoga or workout session, making it a versatile combo mat. In addition, the rubber bottom side helps the mat remain firmly in place during your practice. 

It also comes in a variety of colors to suit your personality. 

Cons of the reversible lululemon yoga mat

Here are a few potential cons to consider.

Latex allergy

Since the mat is made from natural rubber, it’s not the best choice for someone with a latex allergy. 


There can be a strong smell with new mats. I never really had an issue with the smell, but this is one of the biggest complaints about the mat. 

Mine has dissipated, but if you’re sensitive to smells, especially rubbery smells, this might be tough. But, on the other hand, it’s such a great mat that it might be worth riding it out. 

According to lululemon, you can try airing the mat out to get it to dissipate faster. 

Squeaky sounds

This mat can make some squeaking noises as you shift and slide your feet around. However, a musical yoga mat is a bit awkward in a quiet yoga class. 

I imagine this would be an issue with any mats that have a polyurethane or similar top layer.


Price isn’t necessarily a con because good-quality mats aren’t cheap, but it may be if you’re on a budget. However, this lululemon yoga mat is one of the better values on the market.

Inexpensive mats do break down faster, and one good quality mat can end up being cheaper in the long run. 

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Copyright Maura Blackstone

Other noteworthy points

The weight of the mat is 5.24 lbs or 2.38 kg. So it’s OK if you’re going to a yoga studio or practicing at home, but it’s certainly not a lightweight travel mat. The reversible mat also comes in a thinner mat (the reversible mat 3mm version) which is considerably lighter at 3.87 lbs. and a good option for a travel yoga mat.

I’m a fan of extra cushioning, so I tend to gravitate toward my Jade mat for travel because every pound counts in your suitcase.

I have the solid black lululemon mat, which does show wear and tear but doesn’t bother me too much. However, I’ve heard that lighter colors show wear quicker, and lululemon mentions that colors may change over time and avoid storing the mat in direct sunlight—just something to be aware of. 

The instructions for cleaning say to wipe the mat down with a damp cloth. I wouldn’t use specialized mat cleaners or other products with essential oils as that would probably make the mat slippery.

Always check with the care instructions for your mats before cleaning.

To avoid the edges curling, the mat needs to be rolled up with the practice side out. (You can tell in some of the photos that I hadn’t done that.)

If you want to improve the grip of any yoga mat, try adding a microfiber yoga towel.

My other favorite mats

I have a bit of an obsession with yoga mats, but I swear they’re all different, and some days or practices just lend themselves to a particular mat. 

My two other favorite mats right now are the Jade Harmony mat and Manduka Pro

I review both in Outstanding Yoga Mats For Sweaty Hands

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What’s on my radar to try next?

I’m intrigued by the Manduka GRP series as well as the Liforme yoga mat (although I’m not sure how I feel about alignment lines as they’re a bit distracting). 

I’ve heard good things about Sugarmat with their beautiful art designs, but again, I’m aiming to quiet the mind chatter, so I might just admire that one from afar. 

And, of course, another lululemon yoga mat might find its way into my collection. Who knows. 

Wrapping up

If you’re looking for a good quality mat that can handle super sweatiness and still provide excellent traction, you should check out the lululemon reversible yoga mat. 

Even if you’re a new yogi, finding the right mat for you can enhance your practice by supporting your body, minimizing distractions (like slipping), and creating an inviting space that you’ll want to return to. 

Even if this mat starts losing its grip tomorrow, I got years of non-slip yoga from it, and I’d probably hop online and order another one ASAP. 

Have you tried the lululemon reversible mat? What are your favorite yoga mats? Tag me on Instagram @empower_your_wellness or comment on my YouTube channel and let me know. 

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