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Manduka GRP Adapt Review (First Impressions)

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I’m a huge fan of yoga mats, especially mats that claim to offer superior grip even under super sweaty conditions. 

A slippery mat is no fun for anyone.

I’ve had a Manduka Pro mat for quite some time and was curious to test out the GRP Adapt

*This article is not sponsored and will review my hands-on experience with the GRP Adapt to help you decide if you want to try it out for your next yoga class.*

You can also read my article 7 Outstanding Yoga Mats For Sweaty Hands for a detailed comparison of this mat alongside my other favorites. 

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Let’s dive into the details.

Manduka GRP Adapt Review

The GRP line is newer to the Manduka line-up. There are two versions, the GRP Adapt and the GRP hot yoga mat

I decided to go with the Adapt, which is supposed to provide a grippy surface no matter what style of yoga you’re practicing. 


The dimensions of the mat are 71” long by 26” wide. This is a pretty typical yoga mat size.

71″ long is enough for people up to around 6 feet tall. If you’re taller, definitely check out the Jade Harmony (74″ length) or the 85″ Manduka Pro. B Mat also has an 85″ option with lots of color choices.

That extra two inches in width gives you a little more personal space to spread out in a crowded yoga class.


The top layer is an open-cell polyurethane (PU) material with a smooth and soft feel. It’s a little more matte feeling than some other non-slip yoga mats.

Manduka calls this layer a “satin grip,” which claims to offer unparalleled dry grip against sweat without needing to use a yoga towel. The bottom layer is constructed from foam rubber (more on this in a bit).

On mats like this, I usually get scuff marks in the middle from sweeping my legs forward or back from downward-facing dog. This isn’t necessarily a negative and doesn’t affect the function of the mat, it only matters if you were hoping for a yoga mat that always looks brand new.

The GRP Adapt mat is lightweight, coming in at six pounds, and I can confirm that the surface is very grippy

The mat rolls up and rolls out easily without excessive curls at the edges. I prefer to roll it up with the practice side out to minimize any curling at the edges when I roll it out for class. 

Here’s a close-up photo of the top layer of the mat. (You can also see how it likes to attract dust.)

manduka grp adapt review
image taken by Maura Blackstone


The mat’s thickness is 5mm. However, it feels a little different from my other mats. 

According to Manduka, it’s constructed from foam rubber, providing soft cushioning with a slight spring to protect your joints. 

Maybe it’s because I’m comparing it to the dense cushioning of the Manduka Pro, but sometimes with this softer cushioning, I feel more of a “sinking” while standing on it. 

Below is a picture of the bottom side of the mat. The rubber also has some grip to it, so no worries about your mat sliding around while you’re practicing.

manduka grp adapt yoga mat review
image taken by Maura Blackstone

Other noteworthy details

Again, similar to the surface of the lululemon reversible mat, this mat also seems to make squeaky sounds while practicing, which might be distracting in a quiet studio environment (or quiet home practice, for that matter). 

You can read my full review of the lululemon reversible mat here.

I’m unsure if this will decrease with time and the use of the mat. 

When I purchased this mat, it was only available in black. It’s also a bit harder to find than some of the other Manduka mats.

Check out Manduka and REI to find the GRP Adapt yoga mat. 

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Below is a quick and easy breakdown of the pros and cons of the Manduka GRP Adapt.

Manduka GRP Adapt Pros

  • Sustainably constructed
  • Super grippy surface made of an open-cell polyurethane which quickly wicks away moisture provides excellent traction, even in the sweatiest sessions
  • Unique foam rubber bottom provides cushioning and prevents mat slippage while practicing
  • Useful for multiple styles of yoga practice, from slow and gentle to a vigorous hot yoga class
  • Easy to clean

Manduka GRP Adapt Cons

  • Lack of color choices
  • Limited warranty (Not the lifetime warranty that the Pro series has)
  • Initial strong smell (like most natural rubber mats)
  • Needs more frequent cleaning due to open-cell construction
  • Pivoting makes squeaking noises
  • Shows dust easily

Where to buy the Manduka GRP Adapt yoga mat

Check out Manduka and REI to find the GRP Adapt yoga mat. 

If you order from Manduka, you can get free shipping on US orders over $75.

Don’t forget to check out which retailers are offering cash back through Rakuten. Use my referral code to earn up to a $30 bonus on your first qualifying purchase just for signing up.

My other favorite yoga mats

Be sure to check out some of my other favorite yoga mats on your search for the perfect mat.

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Wrapping up

Yoga isn’t about fancy pants and pricey mats. Finding the best yoga mat for you will help create an inviting space that you’ll want to return to. 

Grippy mats help reduce slipping during poses and can help to prevent injuries. This Manduka mat is definitely worth a look!

What’s your favorite mat? 

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