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My Hands-On B Mat Strong Review

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The B Mat Strong by B Yoga is gaining popularity as one of the grippiest yoga mats on the market. I tried the B Mat alongside my old non-slip favorites in this first-hand B Mat Strong review to help you decide if this super grippy yoga mat is for you.

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b mat strong review
image taken by Maura Blackstone

B mat strong – the specs

The B mat strong is eco-friendly with a 100% natural rubber surface. (Good for grip, not for latex allergies.)

The mat measures 71” x 26”, is 6mm thick, and weighs 5 pounds. 

Heads up – they also have an 85″ long version which is great for tall people. (In hindsight, I probably should have bought this version.)

B mat strong pros

Here are some of the immediate pros that stood out to me for this eco-friendly yoga mat.

Yoga mat thickness

If you’re looking for superior cushioning to protect your joints, a thicker mat is the way to go. Most mats are 4-5mm, so 6mm provides a little extra comfort. 

The B mat strong is 6mm with a little bit of squish, but you don’t feel like you’re collapsing to the floor. 

I would place the cushioning somewhere between the Jade Harmony and Manduka Pro. The Manduka Pro is very dense, this mat has a little more give. 

For more prop ideas for cranky joints, check out this article. 

B Yoga also has a slightly thinner version of their iconic mat (The B mat every day) that’s 4mm thick. 

B Mat Strong grip

What first attracted me to the B mat was the promise of a super grippy surface. 

I’m always down to try a mat that claims to have superior grip, even with sweat. Feeling grounded and not like you’re about to skid off your mat is a huge benefit. 

If you’re like most humans that struggle with mind chatter during practice, not slipping is one major obstacle out of the way. 

So far, the grip is real. You’re not slipping anywhere on this natural rubber surface.

Your hands and feet will feel anchored in place throughout your practice on the B mat.

For more of my favorite non-slip yoga mats, this article reviews my favorite grippy yoga mats for sweaty hands.

See my B mat strong in action in this practice over on my YouTube channel.

Overall feel of the B Mat Strong

This natural rubber mat has a very inviting feel, similar to my Jade Harmony mat, which feels almost like stepping on plush moss.

The mat surface is slightly textured, not flat like the lululemon reversible mat. (You can see a close-up of the texture in the picture below this section.)

The mat should be rolled up with the practice side (logo side) out. This helps the mat lay flat during practice (instead of the edges curling up) and protects the integrity of the surface. 

The innermost part of the roll (which is the back end of the mat for me) takes a bit longer to flatten out than some of my other mats. 

b mat strong review
image taken by Maura Blackstone

Color choices

B mats come in a variety of vibrant color choices. I buy black or navy blue yoga mats most of the time because lighter colors tend to show wear and tear. 

But it’s nice to have some options to choose from other than black, blue, and that sage green that people seem to love for bridesmaids’ dresses. 

(Nothing wrong with sage green, many find this color relaxing, but it’s just not my cup of tea.)

For the B mat strong, I chose the ocean green, a beautifully calming dark green color. 

b mat strong review
image taken by Maura Blackstone

Is the B mat strong heavy?

The B mat strong weighs in at 5 pounds. This is much lighter for a 6mm mat than some of the others on the market. 

For comparison, my Manduka Pro is close to 8 pounds. 

From car to yoga class, weight is not a big deal. For commuters or travelers, those extra few pounds might make a difference. 

B mat strong cons

Here are some potential cons that I (as well as some other reviewers on the internet) have noted.

Strong rubbery smell (initially at least)

If you’re sensitive to smell, this mat stinks when it’s brand new. The smell dissipates over time, and to be fair, I feel like all yoga mats smell to some extent. 

The smell doesn’t bother me, but it depends on how sensitive you are to scents. 

Hopefully, this is a short-lived con. 

The B Mat is a dust magnet

Brand new, this mat is a bit of a dust magnet. I find myself frequently wiping dust or fuzz off the mat’s surface while using it. 

This, again, is something people have said lessens over time. 

The B mat is really sticky

But wait, didn’t you just say you love a grippy mat?!

Yes, I do. But it also depends on the practice. 

Is there such a thing as too sticky? 

If you like the ease of sliding around your mat, this mat may be too sticky, at least right out of the box. It depends on your personal preference. 

It will be interesting to see if the mat loses any grip over time – be sure to check back for updates. 

B mat strong review - woman using B mat strong yoga mat
copyright Maura Blackstone

Wear and tear

So far, my mat still looks brand new. 

But B mat recommends avoiding heavy sliding movements that cause friction because this may lead to the mat’s surface breaking down faster. 

The top of the mat does look delicate like I would not want it to come in contact with sneakers or rough surfaces outdoors. I’d be cautious using it for a regular exercise mat.

I’ve been a little afraid to pivot my feet with full pressure because I don’t want to ruin the mat. I’ll have to see how this shakes out over time. 

It’s also important to follow the cleaning instructions to avoid damaging the rubber surface.

B mat’s website recommends water or a mild detergent for cleaning the mat.

Check the B Yoga website for additional information about the care of the mat.

b mat strong review - woman doing downward facing dog
Copyright Maura Blackstone

Where to buy the B Mat 

The B mat strong is available on Amazon for those of us that love our Prime shipping. 

Everyday Yoga also carries the B mat line and is a great yoga equipment resource that sometimes has sales to save some major cash on your yoga accessories. 

You can also buy directly from the B Yoga website. 

Don’t forget to check out which retailers are offering cash back through Rakuten. Use my referral code to earn up to a $30 bonus on your first qualifying purchase just for signing up.

My other favorite yoga mats

The lululemon mat was my first super grippy yoga mat and is still glowing strong. You can read my full review of the lululemon reversible mat here. 

Jade yoga is another favorite in my collection. I have the Jade harmony mat in purple, which is lightweight and natural feeling.

After a serious love-hate relationship with the Manduka Pro (mostly because of the arduous break-in process), it’s back on my good side. 

Read Outstanding Yoga Mats For Sweaty Hands for a detailed comparison of these mats. 

B mat strong review – final verdict

Yoga isn’t about pricey mats or the latest gear. Technically, you don’t need anything to have a great yoga practice. 

I enjoy having a mat that helps me create a calm and inviting space to focus better. And I really don’t like slipping.

The B mat strong is a great mat for both dynamic and slower-moving practices.

So far, the B mat strong 6mm yoga mat has been a win for me. 

Will you be trying this mat?

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